Credit Card Invoice: Pay the Minimum or Installment?

The credit card is one of the financial products most used by Brazilians currently one of the most requested products from our platform. With the ease of applying for credit card and Brazilians using it on a day to day basis, the invoice can get out of control. When the credit card bill reaches our

What are credit brokers for SMEs?

Corporate credit in Mexico is complex to achieve, especially for new businesses or do not have much time in operation. In addition, small and medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage because financial institutions almost never offer the public interest plans or facilities that adapt to the difficulties of any venture. Fortunately, there are consultants

Know the opinions of the Questline credits

“ At first I doubted it was true , however it is and we are pleasantly surprised. The attention and speed with which they serve you is really very good. In Mexico we are not used to this type of credit scheme , however it is what is required to truly support micro and small

Building savings – interest, conditions and benefits

Operation, interest rates and comparison of building savings In Germany, there are about 20 million Basapas contracts, the importance of this form of investment and financing, contrary to some doom calls does not decrease. This is due to the construction itself and the state subsidies. Tariffs have become more flexible in recent years, more difficult

Credit check of companies

Since the introduction of “Basel II”, customers have to undergo credit checks before lending by banks, which are based on the risk premiums or surcharges for the respective credit terms. What many do not know: Companies, especially small medium-sized companies, can have their credit rating checked by the Bank. The purpose of a credit check